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Our garden is growing.

Since launching our first sustainable sneaker in the spring of 2022, our assortment of consciously crafted products has expanded. From performance and casual footwear, to bags and accessories, our Sustainable Collection delivers thoughtful and innovative design, engineered with a minimum of 25% naturally derived or recycled content by weight.

Our mission to deliver
Sustainable Innovation in our products.

The mechanics of the human body is the central focus of our Grand.36Ø Design & Engineering System and we are always looking for new ways our products can complement natural human performance. We call this “Natural Design.”

Now, our goal is to give “Natural Design” an enhanced meaning by actively seeking environmentally conscious naturally derived or recycled materials for many of our product components. And, for leather components, we are prioritizing responsible leather sourcing.

Every day at Cole Haan is a work in progress. We’re learning—and unlearning—with each step we take. We’re integrating this thinking into our everyday work. We’re actively seeking partners and suppliers who share our mission. And, we’re making breakthroughs as well as correcting any missteps along the way.

The steps we’re taking to Change Forward.™

When you see the word SUSTAINABLE next to Cole Haan products, you’ll know there’s a minimum of 25% naturally derived or recycled content by weight in that product.

Some of our SUSTAINABLE products have much higher percentages of sustainable materials, and we will continue to look to do better. Here’s how:

There are four primary benefits we seek to deliver in our products:

We will start by asking ourselves how we can bring thoughtful simplicity to our design practices—
making streamlined products with less ingredients and less impact in the first place.

Next, we will go to nature—seeking to include solutions and materials made or adapted from nature.

When we include leather, we use responsible leather sourcing—seeking tanneries that are gold-rated by the Leather Working Group.

Our SUSTAINABLE products will also include some features made from recycled or reconstituted materials that will deliver upon the needs of our consumers.

From recycled yarns in our shoes to post-consumer waste in our packaging, we will continue to look for additional ways to reduce waste and reuse existing materials. Use less; gain more.

For other materials—which we use to ensure that our products meet our exacting performance standards

and endure long-term wear—we will seek to minimize waste wherever possible. 

Fellow Travelers

Growing together is more powerful than growing alone.

leather sourcing

We are members of the Leather Working GroupWe strive for responsible leather sourcing, and where feasible, we will switch to plant-based and recycled alternatives to reduce our footprint even more.

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Clean, save
drinking water

Planet Water Foundation brings clean, safe drinking water to more than two million people in 15 countries.We’re proud to work with them on their mission to, “transform the health and wellbeing of children in the world’s most impoverished communities.” We’re contributing to their efforts to bring clean drinking water to the communities around our partner factories in India.

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We work with our factory partners to ensure adherence to our Code of Conduct through internal and external audits and capacity building, focusing on management systems as well as through collaboration with other brands, and as informed by our partnership with Social Accountability International, a global non-governmental organization advancing human rights at work.

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